Yea, look what I collected!

So here’s the story.

Last month my hubby and I visited our daughter. We stopped at this rest stop and believe it or not I asked the custodian if he would save me the toilet paper rolls . You know, The really big ones.

I told him I would be back in a month

Well, we just stopped. I cornered the custodian and figured of course that he hadn’t saved them or if he had someone else had thrown them away.

“I was here a month ago……”

“Oh. I remember you, he interrupted. The toilet paper rolls. I have them in a box.”

I couldn’t believe it.

He remembered.

My husband and I were betting with each other all the way there whether he did or not.

So I am now the proud owner of about fifty really big toilet paper rolls. Be still my heart.

My husband thinks I’m certifiable. I think I’m genius.