doing does it

Why playing every day isn’t as good as hard work

I figure most people are not going to be interested in reading a “deep” post today. Most people are going to be catching up from the week-end, either at work or in your home.

So today I want to share just a little something that might help you get through this first-day-back-after-a-fun-time.

Wouldn’t it be great if every day were a holiday? If we could play everyday?

children playing

Nope, it wouldn’t.

Most of us do better with purpose and hard work. While it’s always good to get a break from the routine and the responsibilities, that can get old, too.

It’s a good thing when we can work hard. It’s a good thing when we have responsibilities. It’s what keeps us healthy. Playing doesn’t give us a sense of purpose. We don’t feel as validated. Hard work has always proved to be beneficial, to our health, our mental health, our overall sense of well-being.

So today, don’t begrudge the end of the holiday. Instead embrace it.

And if the circumstances you are walking back into aren’t good, then this is your first day to begin changing it. Almost all of us can change things in our life we don’t like. If nothing else,we can change our perspective. No, I’m not talking about just thinking “happy” thoughts. While this isn’t bad, it isn’t really going to change anything, is it?

One of my favorite phrases, “Doing does it” says it all. Let this be the day you start “doing” and quit just “thinking”.

doing does it

God bless and I hope you have a good day.