the week in review and “I don’t know how to vote”

What a couple of weeks in the political arena, huh?

But more about that later:

This past week I continued on with my theme of change as well as some other subjects.

Monday I posted a recipe for a Galette. I was so proud. Not only was it great tasting but it was “purdy“, as well.

squash Galette

While I don’t usually post twice a day, I did post later that day about how to store flammable rags and products. Because of the summer projects so many of us engage in, it’s an important read.

Tuesday I posted about change and how to recognize our resistance to it. Because even those of us who are open to change often get stalemated because of some subtle rebellion to change.


Wednesday I posted twice, first about the glass ceiling that  been shattered. How I wish it had been by someone else but I still get choked up thinking about it. No matter who it was, it was time for this to happen.

In my regularly scheduled post, I shared my newly coined (and original) phrase “guilt-free zone”. I really, really like this whole concept. If you haven’t read it, I hope you do.

too much guilt


Thursday, I continued the theme about the guilt-free zone and how everyone needs to craft a zone for themselves.


Friday I shared some of my favorite candlesticks projects from Pinterest to inspire you. After all, Christmas is only six months away. (Don’t shoot the messenger.)

rock candlesticks DIy

I hope you don’t have a political “hangover” from the last two weeks. I’m going to divert my attention away from politics as much as I can for now. However, I am going to read and think more about what God says in his word about all of the issues being discussed. God does address abortion, government allegiance, taxes, crime, law and order, national safety, marriage, helping the poor, etc.

What isn’t in detail in Scripture IS there in principle.

That’s how I’m approaching this election. I believe the Bible is the word of God revealed. For me, the Bible is my final authority. That makes me out of sync with a lot of people but I’m OK with that.

Anyway, have a great weekend and God bless each of you.