Some of my favorite Christmas crafts. Inexpensive, too!

Whoa! Christmas is busy, isn’t it?

This year I’m trying to get all decorating done by December 1st. Yikes, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it?

Well, I think I’ll make it because I’m not using all my “stuff”. Time for a change.

After Christmas, I have big plans to sort through everything thoroughly. But I want to be careful. No knee jerk reactions this time. If I’ve hung onto something a long time, there’s probably a reason. Or maybe, like this year, I just need to use it in a different way.

Creativity always involves thinking outside that proverbial box. 

So as I’m in this process today, I snapped some quick pictures of some of my favorite items to show you.

This first one is a felt runner I made years ago. My daughter has the same one. Yes, it’s my design. For the past couple of years, I haven’t put it on a table because, well, just because.

It’s really cute, if I say so myself.

Next are some wine bottles a friend gave me. I’ll probably add white candles.

Finally, my adorable “layered” placements. The red felt snowflakes I purchased after Christmas at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And, of course, if you shop the Dollar Tree, you recognize the plastic snowflakes. I continue to buy these snowflakes because I use them in so many ways.


The penguins and trees you see on the table aren’t staying there. I have no idea what I’m doing in the center of the table.

Here are some more Christmas ideas from last year.

How to decorate mason jars

Some Christmas pictures

Enjoy and keep at it everyone. We can do this!!!

God bless each of you today and have a good one.