Christmas trucks/2016

a final look at Christmas

A last look at Christmas today.

These are two of the four pairs of pajamas I sewed for my daughter and her family this Christmas. They are taking a ski trip during spring break and I thought my little grandsons would get a kick out of everyone wearing matching pajamas.  Ask me if I would do it again.

“Rebecca, would you do it again?”

“No”, I reply.

They weren’t hard to sew or anything but the pattern I used for the adults was HUGE. I mean tent-size huge. I had to take in the side seams about eight inches. (Who creates these patterns?)  Even after they tried them on, I had to take in the side seams. If I ever do it again, I would find pj’s at Goodwill or garage sales for a dollar or so and use that as a pattern.

However, they were a big hit and I’m glad I made them.

Christmas PJ

Christmas PJ's/ 2016

This is my three-tiered tray I painted silver this fall and used as a hot chocolate beverage cart. As you can tell, I was into plaid. My husband bought me the thermos with an adorable plaid picnic carrier last year for Christmas. I found the plaid cups at Walmart for $.88.



All of my Christmas linens are vintage, like the one below. I really should have posted a picture of all of them. Maybe next year.

Christmas tray/2016

And now the last two Christmas “vignettes”.



Christmas trucks//2016


So I’m quitting now. You might be getting tired of all the pics.

Anyway, God bless and as we end this year I pray that each of you would experience as many blessings as possible in this next year.