lemons and lemonade

I was so excited but then……

The Excitement

Remember my post yesterday when I shared about this wonderful watercolor painting I found? It was painted by the artist, Ranulph Bye.

watercolor painting

I decided to check it out online and found out I was right to think this was painted by a professional artist, one whose paintings have some serious value. Bye’s paintings sell between $800.00 to $1,000 dollars. I was so geeked. I had no intention of selling it anyway but I thought it would be so cool if I owned a painting that I paid $3.00 for but was worth a thousand.

I mean you hear about it happening all the time. Someone finds a Van Gogh and suddenly they are rich. But then:

The Disappointment

I was looking at it again more closely this morning, drooling over my newest treasure, and noticed a sharp line at the bottom of the picture with some printed numbers. The sharp border probably meant it was only a print. But, of course, sometimes prints, especially first edition prints, can be valuable as well.

Now I was afraid to take it out of the frame. I was either going to be disappointed or I was going to be elated and if I were elated, (meaning it was valuable), I would be really nervous that I might damage it in some way. Isn’t that the way it goes? But then there were:

The Tears

Later that day I started to take some things from my mom’s house.

That was difficult.

I had almost convinced myself she was just in the hospital. I sold the house to my brother and so I needed to take what I wanted before it becomes his. We had already decided on who gets what so it wasn’t a problem, just hard to do.

I decided to weed my mom’s garden as well. It’s tiny. My brother and I completely redesigned and restored her little garden last spring. She loved it and we were both really proud we had done this for her. Of course, I cried while I weeded but that’s OK.

Crying and grieving go hand in hand.  

Thinking about the picture and what I thought was my new-found treasure helped. Even it might turn out to be otherwise.

Life is kind of like that, isn’t it? It hands us lemons and lemonade all in the same day.

lemons and lemonade

God bless and I hope you have a good day.