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How to enjoy the last few days of summer

Actually, summer isn’t over ’till September but I think most people think of Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer.

For some of you, it means children are going back to school. Some children are happy about it, mostly girls. Little boys, not so much, except for getting to see their “buds” again.

For others of you, it means thinking about putting up your summer furniture. Cleaning up your gardens. Closing your pools.

Like spring, fall is busy. And, of course, I hate to say it, but Christmas is just around the corner.


Don’t kill the messenger!

For me, it means my time at the cabin is getting shorter. We don’t use it from November till late April. So that means, that I start to take stock of what I have in the cupboards to make sure I don’t have too much left over. I will start to bring pantry items home each trip.

I love sitting on the porch of my she-shed, cuddling up in a blanket, and reading. I love reading my Bible on a crisp morning with my hot coffee nearby. Somehow, I find God here in new ways. (Maybe that’s because I’m not so distracted.)

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Every season has it’s portal to step through.

Every season brings change.

Every season also brings opportunity to do things differently.

And, of course, every season in our life follows those same paths. Whether we grow and change with the seasons is a barometer of how successful we are in living. Some people stay “stuck” because they don’t accept that change is inevitable.

Let me be honest. I don’t like change. When my children were little, I would check on them before I went to bed, and my eyes would tear because I knew they were growing up and I wanted to keep them little.

When my mother was losing herself, I wanted it to stop. I lost a little of her every day, but I had to step through that portal with her. I had to learn to do things differently, to love her differently.

So how do we enjoy these last few days? That’s easy. We enjoy them. Every minute.

Enjoy your family and friends this Labor Day. Keep them safe. Keep yourself safe. Don’t drink and drive and don’t let family and friends either.

Don’t be that person that causes someone else’s life to drastically change.

Be safe and God bless.


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