I’m experimenting. Forgive me?

I’m trying out the new editing program from Word Press and of course, I needed to come up with a post. So-o-o-o-I found another Christmas project from many years ago that I don’t think I ever posted.

This is a felt runner I made as a present for a number of people one year. They turned out so cute. I would tell you how I made it, except all I did was think of a design, cut out the runner (two of them), added the face, leaves, etc. and stitched some on by hand. The backing is handstitched all around the runner. You do this so that the stitching is hidden if it is turned over.

The scarf and the face are fleece but I could have just as easily used felt. I knotted the scarf first then added it to the snowman.

That was it. Easy, peasy.

So that was my first experiment with the color blocking. What do you think?

At least I have figured out the coloring part. None of it made any sense, of course, but it was fun at least getting part of this new editing tool figured out. Have any of you on Word Press tried it yet? I would love to know what you think.