a sudden fall

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Sometimes we stumble into a hole and we have no clue why we didn’t see it coming. Our moods have plummeted and we can’t for the life of us figure out why. It’s as though someone pulled a plug and all of our “well feeling”¬†was sucked out. It’s at these times we get so scared we can barely breathe. We flail around trying to recapture what we’ve lost. It’s hard to catch our breath long enough to regain our equilibrium.

If you suffer from depressive episodes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve been there myself. Even if you don’t suffer recurring depression, we all have days we should have stayed in bed. (metaphorically speaking only. Staying in bed is almost always a bad idea.) We’re also lousy company at times like this. If we’re fortunate to work outside the home or have something planned that day, we can usually rise above it and by the evening it’s sometimes better. But if our day is “open”, or if the day we have planned is stressful even under the best of circumstances, what do we do?

For me, it’s consciously directing my thoughts towards God as much as I can. I shoot up prayers throughout the day. Sometimes God reveals to me the source of my low mood if I’m willing to dig deep enough and listen hard enough. I often find that when I’ve had a day like this, it’s good to surround myself with silence or soothing music. It’s also good to get to bed earlier than usual. Not enough rest often triggers a sudden drop in our mood. Lack of sleep is a symptom and a cause of depression. Either way, better sleep is the answer.

Anyway, if you’ve experienced a sudden drop, just dread water until you start to come around. Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean you’re heading for a major episode, but it could be that you are on the verge. Take care of your physical needs first.

God bless and I hope this post rings no bells for you personally today. But keep it in mind for those times when it does.