business people wearing face masks and talking

Christians have a responsibility to wear a mask.

Christians have a responsibility to wear a mask. There I’ve said it. We should all be saying it, shouldn’t we? Don’t we know in our hearts that it’s true?

I seldom push a point of view but this is one I just can’t back down from. There is just too much at stake.

There is no doubt we all have our opinions. And we can probably all find some sort of “fact” to back them up. But are all facts equal?

No, they are not. And actually, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because we can all agree that masks might help. Right?

business people wearing face masks and talking

So, let me ask a question. If they might help, why wouldn’t we wear them? Honestly, I really don’t get it, do you? Why are so many so stubborn? It just isn’t that big of a deal. Don’t Christians have a responsibility to wear masks?

If we think there’s a chance we could keep someone else safe by wearing a piece of cloth in public, why not just do it? Christians and mask-wearing should be synonymous. No, I’m not a liberal. Not at all. In fact, I’m a conservative although not necessarily a republican.

How have we got to this place that we are not willing to watch out for our fellow man, for just a few more months? I mean, really, how have we got here? Can we blame it on politics? Can we blame it on our governmental leaders?

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While they certainly have an influence, there’s is no way anyone can make us feel or act the way we do. They are only provoking in us what is already there. Our hearts are not where they should be.

How does Scripture support a Christian’s responsibility to wear a mask?

We are told in scripture that what we do or don’t do to our fellow man, we do or don’t do to Christ. However, every time we allow ourselves to think only of ourselves and not the safety of others, we are telling God he had it all wrong.

We are telling God that he must not have meant what he said when he told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Does any Christian dare be so bold as to suggest that?

I’m serious. How can we say we love God and not care about the health and safety of others? How can we say we love God and put others at risk?

We can point to all the confusing statistics and conflicting messages, and certainly, there are some, but if wearing a mask helps even a little, we should be doing it. Isn’t it really that simple?

Let’s encourage the Christians around us to do the right thing. To see it as a “spiritual “issue, not a “rights” issue. Christ gave up all his rights for us. Why are we doing less?

This is the time for Christians to set the example. Christians should wear masks.

God bless and have a good day.

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