Please pray

In ICU with my mom who is presently receiving a blood transfusion. Critically low hemoglobin.

I am worried but trying to trust God. My mom is so precious to me.

13 thoughts on “Please pray”

  1. Becky — I hope Mrs. Perry feels better soon! Still remember dinners at her home when I lived in Muskegon –

    1. I don’t even remember that. I’ll have to tell her. Thanks for thinking of her. Hemoglobin is up and BP is down but still very concerned as they are running test tomorrow and she’ll be under an anesthesia. She’s an amazing woman-much like your mom. God bless.

  2. so, sorry to hear that R—parents dying is a defining moment for us———

    thoughts are with u and re-check your post for a misspelled word—all I can tell u is that it was three letters, if u care to correct it—-paul

    1. Already corrected. She is not dying. But had I not took her to the doctor when I did, she might well be.Thanks for thinking of me.

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