doing what we love

This is from Robert Louis Stevenson. It is so true.

“To know what you prefer instead of humbling saying  Amen to what the world tells you your ought to prefer, is to keep the soul alive.”

My interpretation. : Don’t be afraid to do what you love doing. And don’t worry what others might think. One of the best things we do for ourselves is exploring and “trying on” different hobbies, interests, sports……..till we find our passion. It is my personal belief we all have that one thing we can learn to be passionate about.

Keeping that in mind, we shouldn’t “poo-poo” what others pursue either. It works both ways. For example, I can’t imagine anyone liking “bingo” and yet many do. Let’s face it,  it’s better to be gung-ho about some thing than ho-hum about every thing.