On this blog, I focus on mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and just low moods in general.

No one has to continually struggle with the issues. There is help. Perhaps it’s medication. Perhaps it’s medication and counseling. More than likely it’s a combination of both. It will also probably mean a change of habits, routines, thoughts, what we eat, when we sleep all contribute to our overall health.

We can learn to manage our moods and live a wonderful, fulfilled life. I wrote a book about all of this. I recommend it because it is unlike most books about mental health issues. It is simply written, however, heavily researched, and is divided into two sections. The first sixty days are in a daily devotional format. The second half includes what I call The Toolbox and gives lots of practical suggestions that anyone can implement.

picture of a book/depression has a big voice

I have a ton of information on this blog. In case you’re wondering, the word “faith” is self-explanatory, as is “DIY”, which I will throw in now and again. But you may be wondering about the “Sigh”. Often, when we are down, depressed, or anxious, we do a lot of sighing.

I hope you will check out the rest of my blog and that it will help you navigate your own mood issue. That’s the whole purpose behind my writing.

Have a blessed day.