The Lies We Believe, Dr. Chris Thruman

Please Understand Me, Keirsey

The Depression Syndrome,  Richard Swensen

Overcoming Depression, Hauck

Worry, Edward M. Hallowell

The Mind-Body Solution, Jeffery Rossman

Bluebird, Ariel Gore

Mood Swings, Meier, Arterburn, Minirth

Depression, The Way Out of Your Prison: Dorothy Rowe

Simple Abundance: Sarah Ban Breathnach

Change Anything: Patterson, Grenny, Maxfield, McMillan, Switzler (particularly like source six, Change Your Space)

Who Are You and What Do You Want? Ukleja, Lorber

The Depression CUREiLardi

Depression For Dummies

Anxiety For Dummies

Spontaneous Happiness: Andrew Weil

Climbing Out Of DepressionSue Atkinson

Control Your Depression:  Lewinsohn, Munoz, Youngren, Zeiss

Brain Rules: John Medina

The Complete Idiots Guide to Mindfulness; Ihnen, Flynn

You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

When The Blue Won’t Go Away: Robert Hirschfeld

Depression for Dummies: Laura L. Smith, Ph.D, Charles Elliot Ph.D.

Out of the Blues: Jay Cleve, Ph.D.

The Artist’s Way: Jule Cameron

2 thoughts on “self-help”

  1. Actually, most of the books, if not all of them, focus on cognitive behavior modification. Look closely at the books and you will see this is true. I don’t even own any books that suggest anti-depressants as a first choice. However many of these books will mention non-prescription medication like Fish Oil. But I will find some more titles for you and add them to the resource list.The first book by Dorothy Rowe is exceptional,

    Are you interested in any books that have a spiritual emphasis? God bless.

  2. Thank you for this list! Do you have any recommendations for books not focussing on using medication but will focus on Cognitive Behavior for instance? Looking forward to your reaction.

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