Noah movie a hit? Are you kidding me?

You probably know I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about how I was NOT going to see the movie “Son of God”. You can read that post here.

So you will be very surprised to know that I went to see “Noah”. Why this movie and not the other one?

For one thing, I just thought it would be entertaining. I didn’t feel pressured by the Christian community to see it. I wasn’t expecting any  “message”. It was a Hollywood movie and it was advertised as such. For that part only, I give Hollywood credit. They never claimed it would be totally true to the Biblical story. But, pray tell, how to do you get from “not totally true” to “ridiculous farce”?

I like a silly movie now and then. I like a comedy. But who likes a drama that’s laughable? And this was one laughable movie.

My husband and I almost walked out after the first thirty minutes. We were totally bored. It was overacted, trite, and over-the-top preposterous. The only actors worth watching were the two women, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson. I like Russell Crowe but felt he was The Gladiator all over again. Just without the armor.

While I wasn’t expecting the story to be accurate, I never expected it to be preposterous. Transformer type “searchers”? Are you kidding me? Was someone smoking something to come up with these giant “rock” creatures.

A “stow-away? That took a lot of imagination.

The computer generated scenes were unimaginative and sadly disappointing.

And does every Hollywood movie have to have a political agenda? My husband and I almost burst out laughing a number of times. In that sense, the movie WAS fun.

When it was announced on Monday that it has exceeded all expectations for box office sales and was now the number one movie in the world, we were astonished. But really, why should we be?

There are few movies these days that require intelligence to watch. When movies like Bridesmaids, Hangover, Anchor Man, Magic Mike etc, are standard fare, why should we expect anything more? Any truly worthwhile movie has such a short-lived run at the theaters that they’re sent to second-run mediocrity before you can blink an eye.

Next time I will wait for the second-run. At least the “financial” pain of a bad movie would at least be limited to my wallet if not my psyche.