blond joke

When you’re too blond for your own good


I hate to admit it but I’m really blond sometimes.

Someone should just hold me down sometimes to keep me from screwing up.

It’s embarrassing to be so dense at times. Like a few years ago when I called my husband from my car. I was at my painting teacher’s home. I had just gathered all my supplies from my trunk when I realized I had locked my keys in it. I called my husband.

“Honey, you’re going to have to come over and bring me your keys. I locked mine in the trunk”.

“Is the car locked?”

“No, I’m sitting in it”. (You know where this is headed, don’t you?)

“Hmmm”, my husband says patiently. (I could just tell he wanted to laugh hysterically.) As he held in his laughter, he said, “Now, just think about it for a minute.”

I did.

Oops. I pushed the “open trunk” button.

As I said, for being a cum laud graduate, I can be very blond. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago my husband was looking for a house phone that was missing. He checked every room in the house looking for it. After two days he found it. In my painting area., which is by the shed which is w-a-a-a-y in back of the house. Thank goodness I had the plastic curtain covering the area as it had rained during that time.

And, of course, there’s the Michigan peacock story.

I suppose I should be embarrassed but honestly, I’m not.

I’m just really blond. And, yes, the hair color is all mine.

God bless and have a good day.