National chocolate cake day and doing the right thing

As you know I’m a pretty faithful blogger. I almost always post five days a week.

Yesterday I couldn’t.

I’ll tell you about it later. For now, just know that yesterday I had to put to test so many of the things I write about here, such as  relationships. love, faith, letting go, God, etc.

It was a day of “tough love” and let me tell you it was HARD because I wasn’t the recipient; I was the one “holding the club”.  But by the end of the day, I had some verification that letting God do his work while I stood idly by was exactly the right thing to do. How often I’ve written about this very subject. 

But today I’m taking a lighter note.

Did you know today is National Chocolate Cake Day? Does it get any better than that? I love, love, love chocolate. Only milk chocolate which really isn’t that great for one’s body. But hey, a little of what you hanker after isn’t so bad.

So in honor on this day, here’s some of my favorite chocolate cake recipes. Some I’ve tried and some I haven’t.

So go make one of these wonderful recipes and have a celebration. This is milk chocolate at its very best.

chocolate cake


I love peanut butter! And peanut butter and chocolate? Well, let’s just say there better be lots of peanut butter and chocolate in heaven!

peanut butter chocoloate cakepeanut butter chocoloate cake


This next one is just too beautiful. I don’t think I could even cut into it.ultimate chocolate cake


This last recipe is perhaps my favorite of all even if it isn’t milk chocolate and doesn’t have peanut butter in it. I’ve made this one a couple of  times and it’s decadent.  I think it’s better with raspberries though. It only has three ingredients and if you make it, the servings should be really small because it’s so rich. Plus, it’s beautiful on a plate.flourless-chocolate-cake

God bless and I hope you have a good chocolate day.