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My very first Christmas novella. It’s free!

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My first Christmas novella.

My first Christmas novella! I’m giving the book away for free for two weeks. All you have to do is click the cover. This has been a work of love and sweat, I might add.

I thought it was ready to publish last December, but it wasn’t. I’m so glad I waited because one character, in particular, spoke to me and changed the whole ending.

If you are a writer, you know that the people in your stories do speak to you In this case, it was a minor character and her story that more or less made the whole book work.

Yes, this will probably be a full-sized novel by next year, with a sequel to this one. No, there will not be a third, fourth, etc., best Christmas. It will be more like a 25th and then a final. I loved writing this and found that writing novels is about as hard as writing non-fiction.

You should know this, though, about the book:

My Christmas Novella contains an assault scene in the prologue. I struggled for a long-time with this, whether to include it or not, but it was crucial to the whole story and for follow-up books. This is definitely not a Hallmark Christmas story. But it is a real story experienced by many women. Having never been assaulted, it was a stretch for me. I downplayed it for sensitive readers, but I realize it is far more violent and horrific than what I wrote. So I drew on others books I read and went from there.

I am so looking forward to getting back to writing after the holidays. Please share a review on Amazon. You can do that even if the book is free, but please indicate that when you do. It’s important. Plus, I don’t want there to be even a hint of non-compliance with Amazon’s requirements.

Just click on this picture, and it will come up. Enjoy!!!!

cover of a book/Christmas novella

Christians not immune to struggles

Christians are not immune to the struggles in the world. We struggle with illness, unemployment, tragedy, and mental issues, just like everyone else. But we have a God who understands and walks through the fire with us.

I am so grateful today for all God has done for me, and some days, I just want to sit down and cry when I think of all those I know who face serious issues this Christmas season. Plus, those I have never met.

Reconciling it all can be hard

It’s very hard for me, at times, to reconcile my life with the tragedies of others, and I can get overwhelmed. Sometimes, I lose some of my happiness. I hope that’s normal. But unless we try and grasp the struggles of others, I think our happiness is somehow tainted with selfishness and self-absorption. Does that make sense?

That’s one of the reasons I blog and write books. I want to share hope with as many people as I can. And I do that by writing. I hope you like this inspirational Christmas novella.

May the hope of this season settle over you like a blanket if you are strugglng.

God bless, and have a great day.