How to embrace bittersweet moments

My Mother’s Day was bittersweet.

It was sweet because I was with the people I love.

It was bitter because I know there are some goodbyes coming our way this summer.

Our grandson will be heading off to college this fall. I hope it’s not bragging because he’s worked really hard. He will be entering college as a sophomore, not a freshman because his last year of high school he took college classes. But on top of his smarts, he’s the sweetest young man you’ll ever meet. We are already feeling the pain of his absence.


When our grandchildren were little we saw them all the time because they  lived only two blocks away. How great was that?

Our granddaughter graduated this past weekend and will be working full-time so we won’t see her as much either. They’ve been a huge part of our lives; we’ve been a huge part of theirs.

And mostly, there’s my mother. She’s ninety-two. How many more Mother’s Days can I realistically expect?

grandmother and BRAX

(I have no idea why my mom’s hand is placed that way.)

So this day was bitter and sweet, bittersweet. But aren’t some experiences like that?

Our happiest moments are often filled with worries that the future will never be the same as we are now. We’ll never experience that same happiness again.  

What if….., what if……, what if……, what if…..?

I guess we’re all like that, even if we’re followers of Jesus. It’s hard to trust in a future we can’t see. Thank goodness we don’t have to. We only have to trust in the ONE that does.

God bless and have a good day.