the cable guy

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English: Comcast service van, Ypsilanti Township, Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today is another melt-down Monday. This was so-o-o-o-o-o easy today.  The cable guy just left. Need I say more?

O.K. I might have been a little rude. But all  I said was something like, “Boy, you must not like working for Comcast. I’ll bet  you get a lot of complaints.”

“No. I hardly ever get complaints.”

As If I believed him. What’s he going to say anyway?  It’s his bread and butter.

I proceeded to tell him that NO ONE I know likes their cable company.  I told him in length all the trouble we’ve had lately, not to mention what we went through last year with my mother. Not only did her television keep going out but so did her phone. She has some medical conditions so obviously needed a phone in case of an emergency.  I finally had to write Comcast’s president (believe it or not I was able to find his name) and threaten him not only with a major lawsuit but major media attention if anything happened to her and she had a non-working phone. Surprisingly, he did write back. So I can give them credit for that but it was in their best interest because I defintely would’ve contacted a major news network.  Figured it would be a story they couldn’t resist.

If you like your cable company, than I’m happy for you. As for me if we could find an antennae that would work, no matter how bad it looked, I’d happily ditch my cable company. And the exorbitant bill we pay for stations we never watch.

That’s it. I’ve vented and it’s over. Time to move on.

Have a great day.