don’t get caught up in drama that isn’t yours!

I don’t usually spontaneously post something right in the middle of a “situation”. But today I’m going to as it might help someone else.

So much of our well-being and contentedness comes from learning to step away sometimes. Or should I say not step in in the first place.

darama 2


I received a phone call this morning from someone I love very much asking me to drop everything to help them  decided about their deck color.


  • This is someone I always drop everything for but not today.
  • For one thing I will be heading that way in forty-five minutes anyway.
  • Secondly, what am I going to do anyway? Whether I like it or not doesn’t matter. It’s not my deck.
  • Tried to steer them to another color in the first place.
  • The obvious answer, if you don’t like the color, go buy another one. Duh!!!!! (Money is not the issue here.)
  • On a scale of one to ten of important issues, deck color doesn’t even make the list.
  • Most importantly, it’s NOT an emergency. Maybe for them it is. For me, it’s not.

A long time ago I read something that said something to the effect of clearly defining what is and is not an emergency  for us. There are some people that hem and haw and let things ago and suddenly they have an emergency because of their lack of planning, foresight, etc. It’s their emergency, not yours. But they’ll try to make it yours every time.

This is probably the first time I’ve become secure enough to say, “It will have to wait till I get there.”

Yes, I’m feeling some pangs.

I’m feeling anxious.

I’m feeling guilty.

But I woke up this morning in so much pain, I didn’t even want to get out of bed. This is a major first for me.

My recent foot surgery is not accomplishing what it was supposed to and already my ankle is ballooning. I’m living on Tylenol and have an important doctor’s visit for my mom later on today. That means I have to have my head on straight.

Then, if the pain has subsided I’ve got to finish staining my deck. Only twenty-four boards to go. (I should add, each board is twenty-four feet long.) I’m not sure my ankle is going to accommodate.

So this is a rough morning all the way around. I’ve been in continuous prayer since I woke up asking God for strength for today. I didn’t expect the challenge would be to my emotional strength.

I’m writing all of this because I’ve seen people get caught up in other people’s drama all the time, to their own detriment. I’ve been one of the worst offenders.


When Jesus said to “bear one another’s burden’s” he wasn’t referring to this kind of thing but we Christians always put ourselves on a guilt trip when we say “no” to anyone. Especially moi, here.

Be strong enough in your faith to walk away when you need to. Jesus did. Often, I might add.

We are only human. We can only do so much. We have to pace ourselves if we’re going to keep going. It’s not just a good idea.

It’s absolutely imperative.

Stay strong.

God bless and have a good day.