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I’m so glad God can see in the dark, aren’t you?

Psalms 139 states that God sees in the dark. More than that, it states that dark is actually light to God.

“even the dark is not dark to you; the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are the same to you.”

I’ve been using a new (to me anyway), Bible study plan. It’s called “mapping.’ If you go to PInterest, there are all kinds of blogs that have neat ideas for using them method.

I’ve kept it particularly simple. I write out the verse. I then look up the verse in other versions and if they are different I write them down. Then I use Strong’s concordance to check out the origin of specific words.

I also read various commentaries, especially Charles Spurgeon and Matthew Henry.

Sometimes it’s very helpful. And after I do a word search, I come away with a new understanding of the verse.

I learned through today’s word search that “dark” can sometimes be interpreted as “misery”. Very fitting, don’t you think? Sometimes in our misery, things feel so dark that we can’t imagine God can get through the dark. I mean it is so dark and heavy to us, our finite minds can not imagine anyone wading through it to get to us.

We feel so isolated and alone. The depression and anxiety are so all-encompassing, we feel like we’re locked up in a room. No one can get it and we can’t get out.

But there is someone for whom darkness doesn’t exist. We are never hidden from God. That’s what the entire book of Psalms 139 is all about. How God knows even our thoughts before they are formed into words. He knows when we get up and when we lie down. Praise God, he knows everything about us.

We can’t hide.

I don’t know about you but I am so glad God knows everything about me. It doesn’t frighten me or make me cower. And I’m particularly glad God can part the curtains of my darkness with the shining beacon of His love.

I’m quite sure there are many right now in our world that are feeling it’s very dark around them. Grief, job loss, confinement, loneliness, it’s on overload right now.

You are not alone. While God understand your “darkness”, it in no way impedes his view of you.

God sees through the dark. He sees the anguish of so many right now. The fear about the future. The fear of the unknown, what will the world look like? When will we get to hug our loved ones?

It might seem to us that because God view dark and light that he is insensitive to our pain.

But to me, it means it means there are no barriers between God and us. The shining beacon of his love is always there, lighting our path, helping us figure out the next step.

We can trust that he sees the future and has prepared a way for us to get through this.

This Psalm is all about how God is acquainted with each and every part of our being and because he is, he will provide unique ways for each us to handle our uncertain future.

We can rest in his love knowing that the sun will come out tomorrow because the Son is shining now in our hearts. God has not changed one iota. This pandemic has not altered his plan one tiny little bit. Whatever plans he had for you before this, he still has.

I love this saying and I leave it with you today to become your mantra:

“Don’t doubt in the dark what God has revealed in the light”.

God bless and stay safe.

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