Celebrating Father’s day with my mom, not my dad

Yesterday was an usual day.

Because my hubby wanted to fish most of the day, I decided my mom and I would celebrate Father’s day ourselves. (My dad died fourteen years ago.) She thought it was kind of funny. I guess it was.

My mom has mentioned a few times lately how good a steak dinner sounded. Her appetite has been really bad for awhile now, so when she said this, I knew I had to fix it for her.

So I bought a $15.00 steak. Now that may not seem a big deal to you but I don’t even spend that much for dinner at a restaurant.

Seriously. I really don’t.

But if there ever were a good reason to do so, this was it.

Now, I don’t fix steak very often and certainly not on the grill. I wanted it to be really good and grilled to perfection so I checked it out on-line.

For those of you who don’t know, (I didn’t), you sprinkle Kosher or Sea Salt on both sides of the steak and rub it in.. Then you let it sit for an hour. After that, you rinse it off really good, dry with paper towels, and let it “rest” for another hour.

This picture and the instructions are from

So I did all that.

Aren’t you dying to know how it turned out?

It was amazing even if I say so myself.


My mom loved it and ate with gusto. I was so happy.

I guess it was kind of a strange way to celebrate Father’s day but so worth it.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.