Did you watch it? You know what I mean.

This is for all the women out there.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

I did and I don’t apologize.

It was a fairytale story and who doesn’t like a fairytale?

The gospel choir was incredible. The pastor was wonderful. It was most definitely a different kind of “royal” wedding. And then there was THE DRESS. It was perfect in every way.

We can’t all marry a prince but we can always marry a prince of a man.

Buy that I mean, we get what we put into something or someone. Put in a lot, we get back a lot. Contribute little, you will get little. Marriage is never fifty-fifty. Anyone can do that. But fairytale marriages are one hundred-one hundred.

I’m a real believer that most marriages can be successful if both spouses are willing to work hard at it. My husband and I came from some pretty messed up backgrounds. The odds against our marriage (there were actual bets made) were two to one. Our friends knew us both to be headstrong and stubborn. They had witnessed our many breakups and reconciliations. They had watched me move to another city. They had watched him resort to a year of destructive behavior.

But I moved back.

He stopped his bad behavior.

We started dating again.

Nothing had dulled our feelings for each other. Unlike Prince Harry, my prince was poor with no possibilities of becoming rich. But we got married anyway and we were so young by today’s standards. I was twenty-one and he was twenty. (Yes, I married a younger man. By three months. 🙂 ) Neither of us had a college degree and within a year we had a baby. It’s a long story but we’ve had a wonderful marriage and are more in love with each other than ever. We have traveled the world. We are not rich by Prince Harry standards but we are not poor either.

I watched Harry and Meghan say their vows. And I thought about the day I married my prince. They ain’t got nothing on us!

I hope you’re married to your prince. I’m married to mine. He’s a fishing prince, too.


You can be if you just don’t give up. I’ve always maintained it’s no more work to make a marriage work than it is to end one. (I am not suggesting anyone stays in an abusive marriage. If I don’t say that, someone will be sure to remind me.)

God bless and have a great day.


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