A great find at Goodwill. I hope it distracts you.

I have noticed that most bloggers are staying within their habit and posting as usual. I think that’s right.

After a while. there is only so much of this life-changing crisis that we need to expose ourselves to. I will write more in the coming days but for right now I want to show you my latest find at Goodwill. (When I could still go to Goodwill, that is.)

I found these four plates and had every intention of putting them on the wall but instead, we are actually using them for snacks and desserts right now. Would you like to know why?

Look at the words:

Laughter. I’m having to be reminded to laugh right now. How about you? Nothing is particularly funny, is it?


Harmony. I need to be in harmony with God. If I am, I won’t fear. 


Blessings. I need to remember all of mine. I have so many as I’m sure most of you feel the same way, especially now.


Abundance. I have enough. Enough food, soap, and of course, toilet paper.

Seriously, I have an abundance of everything. I have people I love and people who love me. 

One day I will put them on the wall in my kitchen but for right now, I’m needing all these reminders. We all have to do those things that get us through this. My husband and I are walking further than usual and we are not missing a day. It makes us feel we have some freedom.

And that’s one of the hardest things to get used to right now, the sense that we’ve lost our freedom. So much is out of our control. But, remember, much is in our control, too. The way we take care of ourselves, the way we take care of others is all under control. 

God bless and have a healthy day. 

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