yellow metal chair

Sometimes life offers up something that makes you giddy

My husband and I were taking our walk the other day when we turned a corner and then I spotted it. I think my husband was trying to get my attention so I would be looking at him instead of said object because he knows me so well. Garbage pickin’ for “treasure” is one of my favorite activities.

And this is indeed a treasure.

We hastened home, picked up the truck and hurried back.

The route we took that day was our “high-end” route. It’s a peninsula that juts out into the lake and so the homes on this particular cul-de-sac are expensive. In other words, not a lot of vehicle traffic. And remember, it’s a high-end area so what are the chances any of the neighbors would pick it up?

We took bets on whether it would still be there. Fifty-fifty was what we were figuring.

I asked my husband, “Are you going to help me put it in the truck”?

He said no but secretly I knew he would, of course. He always does.

We turned the corner and it was still there. I was so excited. We took it from next to the garbage can and put it in the back of the truck and went home. My husband agrees now it’s a great find. But now I wish I would have taken what was next to it. It was some sort of “tree” thing with lights on it. Just the skeleton of a tree. But I think it might have been cute on my deck.

Buyer’s remorse.

Anyway, I hope I’ve peaked your curiosity.

Here it is.

As you can see, the seat is rusted through in some spots. But a little sanding and some fresh paint and a chair cushion are all that’s needed. The holes might actually form a pattern as this was typical of these types of old metal chairs, a way for the water to drain off.

Have no idea what color it’s going to be but it’s going to be great.  Hope you’re as excited as I am. yellow metal chair

Anyway, God bless and I hope you have a good day.