DIY/spray painted silk flowers

Wait till you see these tacky flowers now!!!

So I was at an estate sales with a friend a couple of weeks ago and while I did buy two large tin lids (don’t ask), as I was leaving I saw a pile of “free stuff”.

Here’s what the pile looked like. I ended up giving away the tiered “thingee” and the frame I couldn’t find a use for so it will probably get thrown away.

So I was all set to show you the basket but apparently, I didn’t take a picture of the final project. I will take a picture when I go back to the cabin. I dry brushed it white and it turned out really good.


DIY/junk from estate sale

I couldn’t believe I took all this stuff especially the flowers. I don’t even like silk flowers all that much but I’m a sucker for “free” things.

Plus, it’s a color I never use in decorating.

But I was in the mood for spray painting. So first, I spray them white, covering most of the rose color. But they were still too “rosy” so I thought, “Why not gold?”. So I over sprayed them in metallic gold.

I am not going to show you the finished project yet because I want to add a few more ideas to La Cabinette, my she-shed. But here’s a sneak preview. The added gold just warmed everything up. Something about “La Cabinette” had been bothering me but I couldn’t figure out what it was.  When I added the gold-burnished flowers, I realized that I needed to warm up the space.

See that blue and gold piece on the outside left of the photo? That was what I should’ve been looking at right along because that gold with that blue was my inspiration piece and I didn’t even know it. Here’s the link to that project.

DIY/spray painted silk flowers

You know how sometimes things just come together and you stumble on that one thing you needed to put the finishing touch on a project? Well, this was one of those cases.

The mirror in the background is the perfect companion piece, isn’t it?

DIY/spray painted silk flowers

(Yes, that’s me taking the picture).

As I thought about this post, I thought about how God uses “inspiration” pieces (and people) in my life all the time. And just like that plaque I made, I often don’t see what is right in front of me.

Like always searching for something when it’s right there in front of me. That perfect Bible verse, that perfect book, that strange in the store. God is always inspiring us.

But don’t be like me. Look at those people and circumstances near you. God is there just waiting to give you the answer you are looking for. That certain “something” that puts it all together.

God bless and have a good day.

(PS. I will be posting DIYs most of this week.)


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