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Thought I would add some more options for you for 2019

So many bloggers are like me in that they love to “think and plan”. One blogger listed nineteen goals for this next year.

Goals are good but for me some goals aren’t really goals as much as they are things we know we should be doing anyway, like eating better. But If writing them down calling them goals helps a person then so be it.

I’ve been reading other bloggers ideas for 2019 and am sharing some of these with you today. I like these from Carmel at “Our fifth house”. She mentions a “Happiness jar”. We’ve had one for a couple of years but out jar is called “Good Things.”

So if you decide you would like to try that, keep some post-it notes and a pen right next to your jar.

  • Journal
  • Volunteer
  • Read

She has others I like but those three stood out for me.

Then there are these from “In My Own Style”.

I would summarize her ideas into two categories.

  • Choose
  • Organize.

These are some more “theme” words I thought of:

  • Breathe
  • Relax
  • Laugh
  • Prayer
  • Hope
  • Merciful
  • Rest
  • Know
  • Renew
  • Refresh
  • Challenge
  • Explore
  • Change
  • Grow
  • Evolve

Gosh, they all sound so good, don’t they?

But the important thing to remember is not to jump on someone else’s bandwagon.

“It’s your life and you need to live your life. It’s your life and no one else’s idea of what your life should be.

NO one else can live your life but you.”

Rebecca Platt

Sometimes when I suggest being true to oneself, some people think it means you can live your life without regards to others. That you should only be concerned about pleasing yourself.

That’s not individuality. That’s narcissism.

When we live true to ourselves, we are almost always kinder, gentler, more merciful. That’s because we are happy with our lives; we are living in complete accordance with God’s plan for us as He uniquely created us. And when we’re content it’s so much easier to show love to others.


I hope these options triggered some ideas for you. If you’ve never used a
“word for the year”, why not give it a try tit it 2019?

God bless and have a great day.

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