an alphabet of thanks, “H”


Today I’m grateful for my hair. Mine is pretty manageable. I have plenty of it and the color has gotten better with age.

And, as every women knows, a good hair day is a good day all around. When  you think about it, women and their hair are more inextricably tied together than almost anything else. Hair is  one of the first things we notice about other women. When we get sick, it’s our hair that shows it the most. Washing our hair is the single most mood=lifting action we can take.

Losing our hair is one of our greatest fears. Our hair defines us. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

I’ve come to peace with my hair. After trying to straighten its slight wave, I’ve given up and let it do its thing. There might be some great cosmic message here-something about if we can learn to be at peace with our hair, we can learn to be at peace about a lot of things.  It’s a thought.