When your old stuff speaks in new ways.

I was rearranging accessories in my living room and picked up this small box. It’s one of my oldest possessions.

old box, inspirational

And of course, that led to rearranging a bunch of other things. Right?

(I hope I’m not the only one.)

I decided I had too many items on display so decided to put some away.

Guess what?

The items I put away were all new. I love Hobby Lobby but I find that I am too easily influenced. I would be better off shopping at antique stores because I love “old”.

For me, the saying should read, “Out with the new and in with the old.”, rather than the other way around. There is such history and musings that can be done with the old.


“How was this box used?”

“What did it once hold?”

“Was it made by a young man for his young woman to hold her trinkets?”

“Was it used by a teacher to hold her pencils?”

I love thinking about those things.

Here are some more pictures of my little box with the even smaller books it holds. Aren’t these little books adorable? I love the adorable.

old box, inspirational

old box, inspirational

old box, inspirational

I mean look at all this delicious fraying.old box, inspirational

old box, inspirational

old box, inspirational

old box, inspirational

I mean we live in over a one-hundred-year-old home. Our cabin is just as old. The table I’m writing on today is an antique (although painted white. I mean you don’t have to keep them in their original finish unless you are planning on selling them and I’m not.)

It got me to thinking.

A lot of decorating blogs posted this last week about finding your decorating style. Frankly, I don’t buy into that philosophy. Your decorating style is whatever you choose it to be. And I believe there is a style called, “Electic”. Duh.

I do believe though in the theory that rooms should flow in color scheme, flooring, etc. I love neutrals but find at this time of year, I crave color mostly due to long winters.

But I digress.

Let’s not be so quick to buy new just because it’s new. If we love it, that’s one thing. If it’s just the hottest new thing, then at least get it cheap. Trust me, I have plenty of trendy things as well, like a cotton boll (this IS the correct spelling just in case you were wondering) wreath I just picked up on clearance at HL.

Let’s follow that same philosophy in our beliefs as well. Yes, we should grow and evolve but what has been true from the beginning of time will remain true ’till the end of time.

God hasn’t changed one iota. What God reveals in His word hasn’t changed one iota.

The new is fun and exciting but the things we love are who we really are.

Who are you?

God bless and have a great day.