A simple Diy using an old picture frame and wallpaper

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite DIYs over the next couple of weeks.

This one was ridiculously simple and cheap and yet really accomplished what I wanted it to.

We had recently repainted a guest bedroom and I had a blank wall. I needed something to fill it and I wanted it simple and clean.

I love wallpaper samples and wallpaper books. It’s hard to come by them anymore but I happened to have some scraps on hand. I can’t even tell you how I came up with the birds. And I knew I wanted just one single item.

I had purchased these frames a few weeks earlier because I loved the frames. They are a beautiful deep gold and very well made. But I hated the picture.

antique frames


I decided on birds, one per picture. I had metallic wallpaper and because there was only going to be one bird per picture, I wanted them to really take center stage. So I cut out a bird shape and a wing shape. Easy, peasy.

antique frames


I had some off-white tag board. I played around with the placement and came up with this.


This is bird number two. Then I drew in the feet.

Here is one in the frame.


And finally in the bedroom. They really added a nice touch and I love the simplicity of them.

bird pictures


Here they are in the bedroom. They just “work” don’t they? Did you ever decorate a room and not feel you had to ever change it again? Well, this is that room. I did this three years ago and haven’t changed a thing. Yea. It’s probably the only room in the house that I’ve left alone this long.

guest bedroom