A creative way to manage depression and feel better

It’s hard for me to understand people who don’t have interests or never engage in creative pursuits, people who engage in nothing that excites them, nothing they can “lose” themselves in. They never experience being in the “zone”.

I don’t understand just going through the day and never engaging in a creative project. Maybe that’s because I have such a low tolerance for boredom. But then I got to thinking.

Could I have too many interests?

I went to an arts and crafts show yesterday, the upscale kind. I was with someone I had just met and as we walked around and looked at the various booths, I find myself often saying such things as, “I’m not buying anything here because I can make it myself. Easy, Peasy”,  I said time and again. Hopefully, it didn’t sound prideful. It’s just that I love the idea that I can make something myself instead of just buying it.

When I got home, my hubby and I were sitting down to watch a TV show, and I grabbed an unfinished project to work on. I cannot just sit and watch TV. I can go to a movie and sit for two hours but that’s only because I’m munching on popcorn and that keeps my hands busy!

My mom once said to me that she wished she had something that really sparked her interest. I’ve heard others say the same thing.  I always feel bad when I hear people say that.

I’m not suggesting everyone should be like me or have as many interests as I do.I sometimes wished I didn’t! It can be very frustrating and hard to keep it all organized.

If you like to knit, there are all those supplies, yarn (which take up a lot of space, especially if you stockpile it), needles, books, etc. The same is true with jewelry making supplies, woodworking supplies, paper supplies, art supplies, painting supplies. (Can you case my interests?) And if you like upcycling furniture and “stuff”, there’s all those supplies. Oh, and I love to read so there are all those books.

Thank goodness, blogging only requires this computer and my mind. If I had to store all my “words”, where would they go? (My husband would love for me to find a place to store my words. 🙂 )

Seriously, I think creative pursuits are especially helpful for mental health and especially for depression. While I don’t experience clinical depression anymore, just an occasional bout of some mild episodes, I find that when I am feeling a little low, creative pursuits have always helped. I don’t mean I have to actually produce something wonderful. Sometimes just playing with my supplies and organizing them does the trick.

But what if you don’t have any interests? I find that almost everyone has something creative they like to do. But some people think their pursuits are silly. I can’t think of any creative pursuit that is silly.  Nothing creative is silly.


God created some pretty silly looking creatures. If you don’t believe me, look at these guys.

He looks grumpy!
He looks grumpy!


Who? Me?
Who? Me?


Looks like he has the mumps!
Looks like he has the mumps!


Would you consider those creatures silly?

God certainly didn’t or He wouldn’t have breathed life into them.

If the issue is you don’t know what interests you, then buy (or borrow) the tools you can for whatever even slightly interests you and give it a whirl. Keep experimenting till you find that one that gets you excited. You could even take out books from the library about various hobbies and interests and read about them. Talk to someone who does what creates a spark in you. Most people love to talk about their interests.

I met a man in JoAnn’s a few years ago. He asked me a question about a certain type of glue his wife asked him to pick up. I explained which one was best. I asked him what his wife using if for so I could better help him. He starts explaining and then added, “Oh, it’s her newest pursuit. She’ll soon tire of it and move on.”

He sounded like he thought that was a bad thing. I thought it a good one.  At least his wife was looking for that one thing that could keep her interest.

I started painting by enrolling in a drawing class on a whim. I had no clue if I would like it or be any good at it. That led to a few months of painting classes and then voila!, I was painting.

When I’m creating something, almost anything, I feel really close to God. Like I’ve tapped into a part of God that I can’t tap into in any other way. If I’m feeling “down”, it diverts my attention and sometimes completely changes my mood.

God is the author of creativity. Aren’t we supposed to be like God? Wouldn’t nurturing our creative side draw us closer to a creative God?

Give it a try. I can almost guarantee you there is something out there that is sure to capture your interest.

God bless you and I hope you have a good day.