How to get to Jerusalem

If I could just lie in bed this morning, eat anything I want, and watch my favorite movies all day, I would.

It’s one of those days.  It’s going to be uphill most of the day.


By that I mean, I hurt. The sciatica pain is unrelenting these past two days and I’m worried this means my latest back injection didn’t work. Hopefully, this is just the healing process. If not, I don’t know what it means.

Today my journey to Jerusalem is filled with potholes of pain, and rough terrain. (Hey, I rhymed, although I didn’t mean to. 🙂 ) But in no way does it excuse the fact that there are things I need to today, things God intends for me to do today.

So instead of lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself, I got up, got dressed, and groomed my physical appearance more than usual. I really believe that when we’re struggling with anything at all and we have a choice between looking like someone no one would want to approach, or looking like someone who anyone would want to approach, my choice is always for the latter.

So if you’re in sympathy with me today because you’re having one of those days as well, let’s go on this journey to Jerusalem together.  I’ll be thinking of you today and you be thinking of me. K?

We’re all the same but just different trials.

God bless and I really hope you’re day ends well.