dream of my mom

when dreams will never come true

As I sit and watch my mom, it’s like she’s only sleeping and will wake up any moment and ask for coffee. We’ll sit and enjoy our coffee together. I’ll ask her what day she’d like to go get her flowers to plant.

“Hey, mom, why don’t we repaint your outdoor furniture this year.”

Later I’ll call her and ask her what she fixed for dinner.

She’ll reply, “I made some vegetable soup. Do you want to come and get some for your dinner?”

“Yes!! I love your vegetable soup. Why don’t I pick you up and we can have some iced tea. Then you don’t have to make a special trip.”

I’ll bring her over and she’ll tell me how much she likes my garden. I’ll show her my latest DIY project and she’ll think I’m amazing.

Later, I’ll call her and ask her what she’s watching on TV. She’ll ask me if I’m watching the same show and I’ll say “No.” Then she’ll chastise me for not liking the same show she does.

We’ll say goodbye amicably.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I say.

Tomorrow we’ll start all over, planning projects, going grocery shopping. She’ll bake something wonderful and I’ll wish I could cook and bake like she does.

All in my mind.