our mission

What is your mission as a Christian? Do you know?

(Continuing with yesterday’s theme)

Do we all have the same mission?

It’s a b-i-g subject.

I think followers of Christ all share the same purpose. I could phrase it a dozen different ways but it all boils down to bringing honor to God, wouldn’t you agree? Honoring God covers a lot of areas.

But what about our individual “mission”?

My hubby and I have summer colds and didn’t attend church this past Sunday. I sat on the deck thinking about this post. I want you to know when I first wrote it, I used the word “purpose” instead of mission. But then I did a word search of the Bible and found when the word “purpose” is used, it’s almost always in the context of God’s purposes being fulfilled. When the word purpose is used otherwise, it’s never used in the context of each of us finding our unique purpose.

In the light of what Scripture teaches in general, that makes perfect sense.

our mission

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