Alphabet of thanks, “Z”

I like zoos, so zoos it is.

Now I realize that there are some people who have an issue with zoos and I understand the logic. In a perfect world, animals should be allowed to roam freely in their native environment. But it’s also true that many animals are being slaughtered by those who are interested only in profits so zoos provide a safe place for them. The book “The Life of Pi” gives much insight into the necessity for zoos.

For example, elephants are being slaughtered for their ivory.  

elephant herd
elephant herd

Gorillas are also being slaughtered. The movie, “Gorillas in the Mist” is a must see to understand what is happening.

killing glorillas
killing glorillas

Without zoos how would so many children, especially those who are limited in travel opportunities, ever get to see gorillas, lion, tigers, giraffes, elephants, etc.?  Books aren’t enough. Television isn’t enough. What child doesn’t love a zoo?

I’ve visited many zoos, here in the United States and elsewhere. However, I’ve never been to what I consider would be the best zoo int the world-Africa. Of all the countries I’ve visited, that’s the one I’ve wanted to see the most. I associate zoos with Africa although many of the animals we see in zoos are from India, South America and China.


What I don’t understand though are those people who think a wild animal can be trained as a “pet”.  There are numerous reports of privately owned wild animals turning on their owner. The animal is often killed even though it was simply doing what a wild animal does.

How foolish to hold an animal responsible for what a foolish owner does.

Anyway, I hope you get to visit a zoo if you haven’t already. Not only are they educational, they’re fun.

Yea!!!  I did it. A blog a day during the busiest time of the year isn’t easy. What was I thinking? There were often many different choices for some letters. Sometimes I purposefully didn’t choose the obvious, like love for “L” or family for “F”.  Sometimes, I chose something I really had to work hard to write about because I like challenges. Sometimes I had little choice. (By the way don’t you find it strange that the closer you get to the end of the alphabet, like with x, y, z, the fewer the choices? I mean seriously.)

I am thankful for so much more than what I wrote about-God, family, friends, my old house, “teeny-tiny cabin”, my church. I’m thankful for hobbies and interests. I’m thankful for choices and challenges, hurts and hugs. For cappuccinos and travel. For work and play. If I tried to list every  thing I’m thankful for, like when it rains and the drops of water bead up on my Lady’s Mantle like little pieces of diamonds, I would probably be writing for weeks. 

Lady's Mantle after a rain.
Lady’s Mantle after a rain.