John's Crazy socks/inspirational
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Happy Mothers Day to you and me, and crazy socks

Hubby and I are on our trip out to the Badlands. So my daughter sent me this Mother’s Day gift ahead of time. I opened it yesterday and was thrilled.

John's Crazy socks/inspirational


The package of cookies are also sold by a young woman who was also born with Down Syndrome.

John's Crazy socks/inspirational


The socks. Notice the lavender pair. They’re Jane Austin socks. There are a many varieties of socks on his website.

John's Crazy socks/inspirational

If you haven’t heard about John’s Crazy Socks, here’s his story.

What made the gift so great is my little Lukey was born with Down  (not Down’s) Syndrome. You can read his story here

Here’s a story my daughter wrote on her blog.

Anyway, our Lukey has been such a blessing and once he started public school, he just started to shine. But the older he gets, the more battles he and his parents face. They have fought to get him in public school and they will keep fighting for it. And, no, no other child is being ignored because he is in their room. In fact, his presence has been a growing experience for teachers and students alike. Everyone loves him.

Why wouldn’t they? Look at that smile.

Lukey painting

Frankly, can I just say, there are so-called “normal” children in classrooms that are far more trouble than he is. I’ve seen these little stinkers at the grocery store and my grandson is far better behaved than they are. In fact, he’s remarkably well-behaved. No, not because Down Syndrome children are always smiling and happy.

Not true. They are just like everyone else. They have their good days and their bad ones. So put that preconceived idea out of your head.

I don’t know how I got on my bandwagon.

I guess it was the socks.


I cried when I opened the box. I want this kind of success for my Lukey as well.

I hope your Mother’s Day is special.

But I am keenly aware that not all women are mothers. For those who wish they were and aren’t, I pray you find some children to love.

There are some moms out there who are ignored by their children through no fault of their own. I only can save, don’t give up. It’s amazing what God can do. Keep praying and keep trying.

I’m also aware that someone who might read this blog may have lost a child. I can’t image a worse pain and you have my prayers today.

Then there are those, like me, who are grieving the loss of their mother. I’m at the one-year mark this weekend and have told myself that from this day forward, I am moving on. More and more I’m smiling when I think of my mom, instead of crying. That’s how it’s supposed to be. I will never forget her. I was loved deeply by my mom and I loved her deeply.

God bless and I hope this is a good day for you.

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