The dead mouse in the Christmas tree!

(You might get a kick out of this post from last year. I have the same tree up again this year, but no dead mouse.)

My daughter and her family were here over the weekend. We celebrated Christmas early.

“The stockings were hung the chimney with care, 

In hopes that my daughter and her family would soon be here.”

I was checking out the Christmas tree as I’d noticed an ornament was askew.

I should tell you that none of you would want me to help you decorate your tree.  For one thing, I hate it. For another,

For another, I’m way too fussy. And it’s not that they turn out perfect either. I’m just never satisfied with them.

Back to the tree……..

(Now, remember this is an old and drafty house. We’ve done our best to block up every possible minuscule crack. But the trees were in the basement before that.)

I straighten the ornament then screamed bloody murder…….

“Doug, get in here quick. We have a HUGE problem!”

My husband races into the room as I’m pointing at the brownish/grayish “ornament”. Yep, you got it.

A dead mouse. (Couldn’t bear to post a pic of a dead mouse. Might freak out some of you.)


I was horrified.

“Please tell me he’s  been dead a  l-o-o-o-ong time.”

“Oh, he has, “my husband laughs. “He’s stiff as a board.”

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve fussed with the tree before and never noticed it. But this time I was wearing my glasses and that ornament I went to straighten was quite large and the mouse was hidden behind it.

So that probably means that stupid dead mouse had been there a couple of weeks.

Here’s kind of the “back story”. We have not used this tree for many years. I decided this year, I didn’t want to put up the big tree so I chose my smaller alpine trees. There are three of them in various sizes and when I took out the two smaller ones, I did find a dead mouse at the base and then “stuff” that was used for a nest in the other tree.

I had thoroughly cleaned those trees but never thought to check the larger one. (By the way, I’m a very good housekeeper, just in case your mind is going there.)

Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’.

This gave a whole new meaning to:

“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. (He really wasn’t. :))


Anyway, my hubby rescued me and disposed of the mouse in plenty of time.

I do hope my daughter doesn’t read this post because if she does:

dead mouse in Christmas tree

God bless and hope you have a good day.