book cover/The Second Best Christmas

Let’s catch up! It’s been wild.

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Let’s catch up, shall we? The past few days have been wild! Fun, but wild.

Two grandkids one golden doodle and two adults.

It was a lot of fun but I am not used to a puppy! Cutest puppy ever, though.

Then Saturday night I had another book signing, open mike on a platform. I wasn’t expecting that.

Yikes. I was scared to death. My mouth felt like cotton but my husband said I did great. He said I didn’t sound the least bit nervous but, boy, was I.

The weather was terrible so there was little foot traffic that night but I learned so much from the other book authors. Writing is a very solitary experience and it felt good to be with my fellow writers. It was eye-opening.

I am so grateful though for the pandemonium. How blessed I feel. There were a couple of days, I literally almost fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. But how empty my life would be without all the pandemonium.

Continuing to catch up: my first novella

I am also grateful for all of you. To show my gratitude I want to gift you my first novella for free and only ask that you give me a review on Amazon. You can review it on Amazon even if you didn’t buy the book. But don’t get too excited because I haven’t figured out how to get it to you via this blog. So just keep checking in. It will only be available to my followers so if you don’t follow this blog you will need to in order to get access.

This is the cover and Perry Row is my pen name for my fiction books. And, yes, there will be a sequel.

book cover/The Second Best Christmas

At the book signing, I was asked if there are more books coming. Yes, there are. My first book will be expanded to include material I didn’t include in the first go-around because I will be designing my book myself. Learned a lot from the first bad publisher. I will have to change the book cover although it was basically my idea anyway.

My novella is unusual. There are questions for a Book Club. There is also some tips for Christmas is Christmas is hard for your this year.

I found out I’m not alone with all this. Many authors have a bad experience with their first book and then they get smart!

But I digress

I hope if you are struggling with depression or anxiety this Christmas season, you will read my non-fiction book. There is a lot of information you will find helpful. I read some excerpts at the book signing and the material was very well received.

My heart really goes out to people who struggle with Christmas because of depression/anxiety. I was there for years myself. but have been depression-free for over twenty years. The book contains all the tools I developed in my quest to get better.

That’s it for today. God bless each of you.