list of Bible prayers

Moses is my new hero and here’s why

He really is and here’s why.

I think I told you I was writing an upcoming series about prayer. In preparation for that series, I found a site that listed all the prayers in the Bible.

I had no idea there were so many. This is only one page.

list of Bible prayers

So I’m wading through them and it’s a huge project. But I am determined.

I’m only in the book of Numbers at this time. So my series about prayer is way out in the future at this point. I want to read every one before I begin to write.

But one thing I do want to share is why Moses is my new hero. It was Joseph and Daniel. Well, I guess they still are. But now I’m adding Moses, because of his level of communication with God.

Moses was not restricted in his prayers at all. He had such a walk with God, he was comfortable in everything he said:

  • He praised God.
  • He argued with God.
  • He pleaded with God.
  • He complained to God.
  • He asked God to change His mind. And guess what? He did. More than once
  • He begged for mercy for others and himself.
  • He was petulant before God.
  • He reminded God of God’s promises.

I’ll say this, if I had enough guts to pray like Moses, no telling what power I could unleash.

And while there is no one stopping me, I just can’t bring myself to that point of total ease in God’s presence, especially the complaining part.

So that’s the only little glimmer I can give you in what I am learning.

I never dreamed it would involve so much studying and thinking. But, boy, oh boy, what I am learning.

I believe God prompts us in many ways to take on things we never would have thought of on our own. I felt prompted to do this and I believe that prompting came from God because I had been thinking and musing that I wanted my prayer life to be richer and deeper. I wanted to be sure I was praying according to Biblical principles and not getting in God’s way with His dealings for those I love.

So God provided me with, “Well, I’m not going to just tell you. You can find out yourself and here’s how.”

I’m still praying for victory for loved ones who are struggling with various issues, but I’m also praying that God will use those struggles to bring them into His will and accomplish His purpose in their life.

And isn’t that the purpose of all our struggles? And, of course, I’m praying for that for myself as well.

Prayer is serious business.

Let me repeat, prayer is serious business. When we are in our place of prayer, we are on holy ground. We need to remember that.

We are conversing with a Holy God but we are also speaking to a Loving Father. 

Can I also add how good I am going to feel when I’ve accomplished this? I don’t even know if anyone has ever done this in one concentrated period.

There is something really satisfied with meeting and completing a big challenge.

God bless and have a super day.


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