Oh, dear. A parasite is living in me!

I told you months ago I was having a flare-up of my IBS. Sounded logical considering my mom died in May and there was a lot of stress for that year.

But my husband insisted I go to the doctor. He ordered a test. Turns out I have a parasite living in my gut.


Not a comfortable feeling knowing you have this “yucky” little bug living inside you. Good news is, it’s treatable. I get to take an expensive medication, not an antibiotic. A bug killer. That really makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

So, “How did I get this”?  you ask.

Well, it’s usually from drinking contaminated water, like in third-world countries, also could be from touching surfaces that someone else has touched that has the illness, from eating meat that isn’t well-cooked, and from not washing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Just so you know, I’m always washing my hands, always clean the shopping cart handles, always washing my fruits and veggies.  I never eat any meat that isn’t well-cooked. Have even sent my meat back at a restaurant if there is any pink. So let’s just say, I do all the right things.

So it must be those dirty rivers and streams I’ve been drinking from.

Yea, right.

My doctor is perplexed, as am I.

I haven’t started my medicine yet because the pharmacy has to order it. It is not one of those in-stock medicines as it’s rarely needed. Leave it up to me. Apparently, the drug is well-tolerated.

So that’s my story for today.

Hope your day is “parasite-free”

God bless and have a good one.