Trying to rescue a kitty but he won’t let me.

So last week at the cabin, I’m having devotions at the bunk house and I hear something that sounds like a cry.

I follow the sound and I spy a tiny kitten I spent the next twenty-four hours trying to coax him to come to me. I put out tuna fish and milk but he (or she) wasn’t partaking. He kept crying all the time and I kept telling him I was trying to help him but he only let me get just so close before he ran away.

I sat at the bunk house and eventually he jumped up and was playing very near me but if I moved at all, he would scamper away. I put a blanket down and just waited.

The analogies between this kitty and our Christian faith are many.

How many ways does God try to help us? He offers an answer but it’s not to our liking. It’s not exactly the help we asked for. We didn’t expect we’d have to do anything ourselves.

But God keeps reaching out even while we keep looking for answers elsewhere. Our cries get louder. God keeps putting his hand out and because the rescue he provides is not our preferred choice, we don’t even recognize the help when it comes.

I wonder how often I’ve done that myself.

I’m tried so hard with this little kitten. Finally, he came up to the porch and fell asleep on the blanket. I scooped him up and put him in this container to bring him home.

I didn’t want to bring him home (pets are a lot of work) but I couldn’t leave him there either. So now we have a kitty until I can find him a home.

He’s adorable, I must admit.



He even liked getting a bath.


Look at those ears. They’re bigger than he is.


Tired kitty.

I know you’re thinking I won’t give him away but I don’t see we have a choice. We are gone too often and I think it’s unfair to have a pet if you’re always going off and leaving him. It isn’t the trips to the cabin, we can deal with that. But what to do we do when we’re away a couple of weeks at a time? If anyone has some helpful hints, please let me know.)

I’ll let you know what happens.

God bless and have a good day.

(PS. We still have the kitty. We’ve probably made a mistake. We named it. Now it’s going to be even harder to give him up. BTW, we named his “Rambo”. Perfect, huh?”)