God’s peace is different

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How is God’s peace different? Especially when it comes to the peace we want to feel when we make decisions.

Sometimes, it’s so easy. Our thinking, our circumstances, God’s direction all fall plainly into view and………

We just know.

I love times like that. I’ve always found decisions easy to make for the most part. 

But then there are those times when I’ve exhausted every possible avenue. I’ve thought through every possible angle, read every possible Scripture verse that applies, prayed for days. I decide one way and then another and found justification to support both opposing views. I don’t feel God’s peace at all.

Can’t always be sure

There are some decisions we will simply never be sure about. No amount of Monday morning quarterbacking will make it any clearer either. That’s why sometimes we just have to make our decision and live with the consequences. When it directly impacts others, we need to be as sure as we can.

As Christians, we have to be careful that we don’t justify our decisions by using the phrase, “I have a real peace about it.”  It’s quite possible to convince ourselves of anything. Sometimes just having made a decision brings such a sense of relief, we confuse that with peace.

There is “false” peace

There is such a thing as a “false” peace. For one thing, peace is not a feeling.

God’s peace is a state of being.

park bench/peace

We can talk ourselves right into a feeling that mimics peace but it’s not the peace that comes from God. Jesus, whether you consider Him Savior or just a great teacher, said there is his peace and then there’s the peace that comes from the world.

the peace of God

Real peace comes from God.

The peace that comes from God is almost never accompanied by a feeling. It’s more of quiet confidence that He is in control because you’ve asked Him to be. In fact, we can be making the right decision and still feel uneasy about it. God never said doing the right thing or making the right decision will always be accompanied by positive feelings. In faith issues, we too often let our emotions get in the way.

We’re human. Most of us try to do the right thing. Sometimes we do. Sometime we don’t. We can feel good about the first and we can learn from the second.  

God bless and I hope you have a good day.