What you can't recover

the week in review and I really like blogging.

Do I dare say it again? I H-A-T-E hot weather.

My friend and I hit the garage sales today and we could barely breathe, the humidity was so “heavy”. But it’s always good to be with friends. And I’ll show you what I found on Monday’s post, spent a whopping $2.50.

We’ve been gone this past week so most of my posts were written and scheduled ahead of time. And you know what? I really missed writing. I didn’t realize how therapeutic blogging is for me and how much I want to encourage and help others.

I’ve struggled with so much myself and have come so far and have learned so much, I just want to share with you.

Like the “tree” post on Thursday. (Apparently, I didn’t post on Friday.)

Wednesday I shared about what God calls success.

Tuesday,  I shared a quote I thought was profound and then added my own thoughts.

Monday, I showed you my garage sale treasures from Sat.

Then I just want to share a couple of thoughts. I read an interesting post from a new follower yesterday and he was writing, as have many, about how God isn’t a Republican or Democrat. I so agree. (You might want to read my comment.)

However, God does decree right and wrong. He does decree how we are to view the sanctity of life, from inception to death. He does decree how we are to treat the poor, the aged, the widowed. He does decree as well that we are to somehow defend our faith. From my reading of scripture I see three all-encompassing themes: love, mercy, and justice. Keep

Keep this in mind as you make up your mind about how to vote.

God bless and I hope this a good weekend for you.