How is everyone? Really, I mean.

I haven’t really addressed what is happening in our nation right now. The unrest, the protests, the riots. It seems like everyone else has though. And I don’t think I will today except to say that I don’t think it hurts anyone to at least examine our hearts.

I want to look inside and make sure I’m being inclusive toward everyone, those older, those younger, those with pink hair and tatoos, those who don’t believe in God, those who do…….the list goes on.

Inclusion means inclusion. I want to be sure that is true for every person I meet.

What about you?

Has what has happened caused you to dig a little deeper?

We all have blind spots. But just like when I’m driving and I check my blind spot to avoid an accident, I also want to make sure I check my mental blind spots to avoid hurting anyone.

I also want to be shown tolerance for my beliefs. I want others to check their blind spots for me as well.

You know if we all did that, we’d all have better vision, wouldn’t we?

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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