Does anyone really get the “Trump” phenomena?


I try to stay out of politics but if anyone had told me the Donald Trump would be where he is today in the polls, I would’ve told you that you know nothing about politics.

Boy, was I wrong!

I don’t know about the personalities of past presidents, I just hope we’ve had some “strong” personalities that have ended up doing a good job anyway. That way if Trump wins, I can at least console myself with the fact that other people like him and have held this office and still did a good job.

I’m a conservative but my choices are being denied for 2016.

But I have a solution. 

Guess who I’m voting for?

If Trump becomes the Republican nominee, I’m voting for my husband. Yep, that’s who I’m voting for. He would make a great president. I’m writing his name in.

I have to vote because I always have and I love voting day. My family makes fun of me because it’s like a holiday for me. I’ve felt this way my entire life. I couldn’t wait to vote when I turned eighteen and have never failed to vote since then.

I plan special food. I plan the day. I stay up watching the events unfold. It’s like an all-night party.

voting day is like a party for me
party time

I take my role as an American very seriously. Good men and women died for my right to vote. We are a great country because we are a democracy. We are a democracy because we have the freedom to vote.

voting is a responsiblity
voting is a responsiblity

So my vote won’t really count as far as who wins the Presidency but I will have exercised my voting privilege.

Just had to rant a little.

God bless and have a good day.