When ghosts are in your house

I’m kidding, of course. I don’t believe in ghosts.

But my grandson does think our house is “spooky”. Actually, when my husband was traveling a lot, my friends would ask me if I was afraid to be alone in this house.


I never have been. Maybe that says something about me, that maybe I’m not too bright.


I guess it could be a little scary to some people. It’s four floors. Our attic has regular ceilings, for example. And, of course, there’s the basement.

We are in a regular housing area but the road dips down in front of our house so it seems like we’re up on a hill all by ourselves. Plus, our driveway is kind of weird and our house sits on our property at an odd angle so our neighbors can’t really see our house.

So anyway, yesterday we had some huge trees removed (which prompted some interesting thoughts for the post tomorrow) and there were some pretty big thuds.

Later that night, around ten, all of a sudden we hear loud music coming from the basement. Neither one of us had been down there at all during the day.

What in the world? So my big brave husband says, “Sounds like your CD player and your exercise music. Go down and check it out.”


So my big brave husband says, “Sounds like your CD player and your exercise music. Go down and check it out.”

“What”, I say. “You mean you’re not coming?”


“It’s your CD player”, my big brave man says.

brave husband

“I’m not going down there myself”. Anyway, he finally got brave enough to follow downstairs and just as we figured, it was my CD player on full volume.

We figure what happened was the vibrations from the tree branches hitting the ground jarred the player somehow. But for some reason, it didn’t come on until later and that was because the player sits on a shelf directly above our underground pump and those vibrations somehow made it start to play.

As I said, I’ve never been afraid in this house, but had I been alone when that happened, I most certainly would’ve been.


But, are you wondering if I would have gone down there all on my own. Yep, I would’ve.

Even without my big brave man to help me. 🙁

God bless and have a good day.

(PS. I told my husband I was “telling” on him. That’ll teach him.”