today is a “first”

Today is a “first” for me.

I’m not making the bed.

unmade bed
unmade bed

Youza! Youza!

Now to many of the younger generation this is no big deal and I actually admire you for it. (sometimes)

But for me, this is a “biggee”. I always make my bed.

So why is today different? you may well ask.

Because this is a day I need to relax and just let some things slide. I’m a very “get it done” kind of personality.

Yes, it only takes a minute to make a bed and I’m anxiously typing wondering if I can resist the urge. That unmade bed is causing me much anxiety at the moment. Can I make it the whole day? Will I fail? What if I give in? Oh, me. Oh, my. The pressure is getting stronger.

You see, I’m a southern (pronounced with a lovely prolonged drawl) woman living in the north.

southern women
southern women

In fact I’ve lived here since I was three. But some roots go very deep. I’m “southern” in attitude if not location. That means there are “rules”.

  • I don’t leave the house without make-up.
  • My hair is clean
  • I’m usually pretty well put together.
  • I almost never wear sweatpants, or sweatshirts or even “hoodies”. (You don’t have to wonder how I feel about pj’s and so-called “lounge” pants in public, do you? Let’s face it, they’re worn to bed. In fact most people who wear them look like they just got out of bed!)
  • I fail miserably though with the fingernails. I blame Pinterest for that. If there weren’t such cool DIY projects to do, I’d probably have nice fingernails. On second thought, probably not

So that means my bed has to be made in order for me to feel put together.

So we’ll see how this day goes. But you know, you just have to change things up a little sometimes to stay challenged. As I said earlier, I really admire this younger generation of women. I think their laid back attitude concerning housework is something I can learn from. Life is too short too worry about not making the bed for just one day. (You notice I did say, just ONE day. And remember, if you suffer from depression, it should be a rare thing to leave your bed unmade for all kinds of reasons. Lots of information on this blog about depression and what we can do manage it.)

I’ll let you know tomorrow if I made it or not. Thanks goodness the bedroom is upstairs and the door is closed. 🙂

God bless and I hope you have a good day.