My latest bargains. Wait till you see the purse!

So I am having to post on my phone today. For some reason, I can’t log in to WP.

I was looking for This first book for a friend. It’s not exactly a bestseller so one is not apt to find it. But there it was at a thrift store for a whoppin’ .35. I was thrilled.

By the way, this is my all time favorite book on prayer. It ‘s tough read and I will probably never get through it all as I keep rereading certain sections over and over again.

This next item is the purse I found for one dollar! I buy a straw purse every year at either a garage sale or a thrift shop. This year had not been successful until last Saturday.

It’s too cute for words and seeing as I found it so late in the season, it will probably hold me over through next summer. In my experience, straw purses have a limited life cycle.

I mean, how cute is that!

I also found that great cutting board for a dollar (what were they thinking?).

The gray capris were also a dollar.

It was a good day for bargains.

God bless and have a great day.