depression and autumn

How to avoid a reoccurrence of depression


depression and autumn


September is here. If you’re prone to depression, you need to read this.

What do you do when you feel your mood dropping?

Do you panic?

Do you start to eat more?

Do you find yourself feeling less motivated?

Does depression feel as though it’s ready to strike?

I’ve noticed that September can be a real transition for people prone to depression. It’s easy to understand why.

The days are getting shorter, meaning that we have fewer hours of daylight.  It seems that it almost starts getting darker overnight. It doesn’t, of course. The longest day of daylight hours is the first day of summer and after that, the daylight hours begin to shorten starting the very next day very gradually. But it’s summer so we don’t notice it that much. But when September hits, all of sudden we notice the shortening daylight hours.

And, of course, if you live in a climate that experiences a definite four-season swing, the leaves are already starting to turn color and fall is in the air.

I’ve had conversations with four different people prone to depression lately and every one of them has mentioned their mood is dropping. When I say, “Well, sure, it’s September”, they’re always surprised. It’s never occurred to them that the sun is not shining as many hours a day and it’s having an effect on their mood.

Usually this happens to me as well, but it hasn’t this year. I want to share with  you why I think it’s different for me this year.

For about five years I was very sporadic with my exercise routine out of necessity because of numerous foot surgeries. Because of my foot problems, or due to my back issue (spinal stenosis or pinched nerves, doctors don’t know which came first), I wasn’t able to walk without limping. So obviously I couldn’t exercise consistently.

It has become a priority now. Next to my time with God, it’s the second most important thing I do every day for my well-being.

Here’s my exercise routine if you want me check it out. It’s nothing mind=boggling. Believe me, there are days, I have to force myself to put my “these shoes are made for walkin’ “. There are days I want to be lazy and undisciplined. And every once in a while, I give in. But it’s rare.

So this September hasn’t been fearful for me. I’m under a lot of stress right now due to medical issues surrounding another person and hard decisions looming for the future. It’s been overwhelming and greatly frustrating. But many thousands of people have been where I am now and they’ve survived. I will, too.

God has made it clear to me that my exercise routine isn’t just a good idea, it’s necessary. And that’s what you have to decide as well.

I’m dividing this post between two or three days so please come back tomorrow. I will give you the name of the book I’m reading as well so be sure to come back.

God bless and have a good day.